Web Design-Basic Tips

Normally user's habit over the net is just same as the costumer's habit in the stores. Visitors just glance at each and every new webpage; they normally scan some text and just get on to the first link that takes their attention or interest. So, here comes the importance of interactive web design in the picture. A professional website design agency should think from the point of view of end user of website ie visitors. In reality, there are many parts of the page which they don't prefer to even look at.

Do not make visitors think

The web page should be explanatory and obvious. So when you are making a new website, your work is to get free from all the questions, therefore the users require to make deliberately, considering the pros and cons and other alternatives. If the number of questions grows in users mind, then it would become difficult for the user to understand the complete system and the visitor would not be able to move from one point to another point.

Do not test the patience of visitors
Let the user discover your website and explore your services. Also it is not recommendable to actually force user to enter the email address just to test different features. For the first time user, they would prefer to play with services rather than completing long forms.

Focus on the visitor's attention

Focusing on the visitor's attention on certain areas would actually help the visitors to move from one point to the other point. The less questions visitors would find more trust they would be able to find in your company. Basically the more they will think they will get more confused.

Construct effective writing

As we know that the Web is entirely different from the print, therefore it is essential to alter the writing style. Promotional writing would not be read at all. All the long text without the images and the keywords marked in italics or bold would be skipped. Also the exaggeration in the language needs to be ignored. Use concise and short phrases.

Try for simplicity
The main motive of the site is to keep it simple; visitors do not go on the site to enjoy the design. Therefore try for simplicity rather than going into the complexity.

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