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License plates are staring us in the face all of the time. Subconsciously we see them in places like parking lots and don't pay any attention to them until we see one from out-of-state that we don't recognize as native to our own state. What if we could train ourselves to be a little more attentive to tags, write them down, and then enter them into a national database online and get paid to do it? That's exactly what is happening with Data Network Affiliates.

You may ask, "What is this information being used for and is this legal?"
First of all, license plates are on public display on every car because they are on the outside of them. Anyone can take down a tag number and it's not against the law. We are not asking the driver of the car for their driver's license number - that would be a totally different story then.

The product - there is no product - we are collecting 'data.' That is one thing that makes it so different from an MLM. We will not have tons of unused product left over in our garages where our cars are supposed to park:) The data collection industry did over $14 billion (with a "B"!) in revenue last year. Active affiliates of DNA are actually helping to build databases. This data (the endproduct ) will then be sold by the company. Very unique concept. The first phase of 3 planned phases is the data collection of car and truck tags. Theinformation collected can be used for things such as:

1. Missing Children

2. Car Insurance Companies

3. Hit & Run Victims

4. Car Theft

5. Tow Truck Agencies

6. Private Detective Agencies

7. Lawyers
    So who is behind this new company? The DNA Executive Team is as follows:

* Dean Blechman, CEO. Dean has been involved in Network Marketing for over 24 years. He helped to grow Twin Labs annual revenue to $335 million and is also the owner of Ideal Health, which owns the Trump Network.

* Arthur Kurek, President. Arthur has a long and successful business track-record, dating back to 1972.

* Donald Kessler, VP of Marketing. Donald is experienced in taking start-up companies to great success, including Benihana, Great Adventure Amusement Park, Tavern on the Green, and Studio 54. He was also involved in the promotion of the Nu-Skin launch.

* Anthony Sasso, Chief Data Consultant. Anthony is a data "expert".

So with credentials like that , the data collection consultants and the Data Network Affiliates company are in good hands.

Compensation Plan: The compensation plan is set-up like an MLM, but it is not an MLM. We are VMA (viral marketing affiliates). Viral means it spreads just by telling other people and they sign up for free - compared to facebook (free & shared with others). The kicker is that you do not have to pay to be an affiliate. You just need to do the "job" of tagging 20 cars per month and recruiting people to your team who will also tag 20 cars per month. Youget paid 6 levels deep on all team members who tag 20 cars in a month. There are many bonuses plus you'll receive a 50% commission when your data is sold by DNA to clients and 50% of any reward if your tag leads to a reward.

Being a D.N.A. affiliate is 100% free - you can earn eight streams of income and not spend one single dollar out of your pocket just for collecting 20 tags per month. However, still as a free member, you can subscribe to a software that you pay a monthly fee for that allows you to make more money:

Free DNA Affiliate = 8 Streams Of Income

Free DNA Affiliate Pro = 20 Steams Of Income "Pro" You're using the data entry software. (info on website)

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