Natural Yeast Infection Remedy

Until now so many people use herbal for medical treatment or beeing medical alternative even lot of medical modern available in drugstore. One of the herbal is Candida remedies. Candida remedies are easily available in your local health food store and on the internet. Many of these can't do what they're suppose to do, so you, as a customer are left disappointed, and you're still suffering with your yeast infection. This article lets you know what you need from a herbal yeast infection remedy.
The first thing your herbal Candida cure must do is kill fungus, and then prevent the Candida in your body from mutating into more fungus. If the yeast infection remedy can't kill the yeast then won't do much else. Your yeast infection remedy needs to contain a good balance of herbs that kill fungus so other parts of the cure can get to work on restoring your intestinal flora.

Your digestive tract has a balance of good and bad bacteria, and your cure must re-establish the beneficial bacteria. The herbs also need to restore your body's acid alkaline balance so the friendly bacteria have a better environment to thrive in. The Candida fungus loves a body that is in an acidic state so if your body stays in an acidic state then you won't be able to kill off the fungus.
Fungus loves sugar, and the more you eat  then the more you'll be feeding the infection. The overgrowth of Candida fungus in your body can cause sugar cravings, and a good herbal Candida remedy will help to stop your sugar cravings. The sugar you're eating helps the fungus to spread at a faster rate, and to cure your infection you need to starve the fungus so it becomes easier to kill.
Yeast overgrowth can make your digestion become sluggish because your beneficial bacteria levels are low. Your herbal yeast infection remedy needs to aid your digestion until your body can digest food enough on its own. This will help your immune system get stronger as you'll start absorbing more nutrients from your food. And you immune system will help to prevent the Candida from mutating into more fungus when your treatment is finished.
Flushing poisons from your body is an essential piece of any natural healing process. Your herbal yeast infection remedy will need to rid poisons from your body as the dead fungus will release these into your 

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