Today we can enjoy all the ease of living, among others, we can enjoy the lights at night, we can easily travel long distances in a short time, we can enjoy entertainment by watching television, listening to beautiful music on the radio, cd player, mp3 player, we can fly only by buying a plane ticket. all that we get as a result of our predecessors thought. With their struggle and sacrifice we all can enjoy all the ease in this life. The question the author is. Did they find those ideas arise naturally in their minds. Did Thomas Edison with Alfa necessarily arise in his mind about how membuaat incandescent lamp, if James Watt was suddenly able to make a steam engine, as well as the Wright brothers who can fly using planes ciptaanya. And so forth.
Very true. They will not be able to do it all without going through the process of a long and tortuous. By sacrificing your thoughts, feelings, sweat, tears and even blood. But the question is whether their authors necessarily arise in their minds their brilliant ideas?
Did they get inspiration comes like a revelation came to the prophets?
Did they get all the ideas that come in their dreams?
And if anyone can make a big discovery like them?
to be continued ....

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