L'B10 FORMULA SUPER has been found. Formula Super Formula is produced through the fermentation process using technology mikrobakteri perfect date consists of thousands of species of bacteria, good bacteria that positive and negative bacteria can live together without killing each other. So have many uses in the agribusiness industry, animal husbandry, fisheries, as well as in environmental improvement.

L' B10 FORMULA SUPER benefits:

increases metabolism
neutralize poison '
improve soil fertility
increase crop yields
reduce pest and disease attack
restore ecosystem
binding nitrogen in the air, etc..

How to use:

As Fertilizer:
Use a bottle cap L'B10 mixed with a water tank, sprayed once every six days
For Livestock Nutrition
Use a bottle cap L'B 10 is mixed with a bucket of water to be drunk to livestock.
and can also be used as an alternative medicine therapy
for information and reservations email to: joenaimada@gmail.com

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